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Manawar Industry

Manawar Industry formed in 1992, has an outstanding reputation in leather jackets. Our core business consists of exporting high quality leather garments to the European region. Our integrated team of professionals is well equipped to manage every order from its inception till the shipment with on time delivery, high degree of customer services and value of money.

Munawar industries

We at Manawar are Committed:

  • To continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management systems.
  • To provide better quality products to our customers that fully satisfies their needs.
  • To educate our employees to understand the importance of quality and how to measure it.
  • To provide a healthy environment – environment where ideas & suggestions are welcomed
    and shared to deliver better quality products and services.
  • To utilize optimum resources to meet urgent in-time deliveries with highest reliability

Our Vision

To become “a preferred total sustainable supplier” in the fashion segment of the global leather jacket industry
offering great value to our customers both in terms of quality and prices.

Garment quality policy

We ensure that no product leaves factory doors without complete quality checks for our
customer’s Satisfaction.

Quality Management procedure


Commitment and understanding of employees


Improved culture


Continuous improvment


Focus on customers requirements


Effective control

Specialty of Manawar Industries

  • Leather Jacket
  • Down Jacket M/O very soft and thin sheep leather
  • 95000sqft production area
  • A capacity of 25000 pcs / Month and growing!
  • 14 stitching lines operated on Korean Techniques
  • 390 Stitching machines
  • Steam washing to get extra softness is our uniqueness
  • 850 employees and contract workers
  • In-house Design & Development Team
  • In house plotter pattern
  • Separate R&D department

Certifications and Achievements

  • Manawar Industries is BSCI certified company.
  • Manawar Industries is an EOBI registered company
  • the CEO of Manawar Industry is the chairmen of central Pakistan PLGMEA.
  • The CEO of Manawar Industries has remained the chairman of northern areas, thrice.
  • A member of EDF (export development fund)
  • Manawar Industry has LWG certified suppliers. member of EDF

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